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a coral predator
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Global change
Acanthaster phenomenon is a real threat for coral reefs

Fiji has many islands : we need your help to monitor our reefs and develop an effective risk management strategy. Help us by reporting on COTS! 


Simply fill the online form on the “REPORT” webpage to send us a report. Your reports will be processed, and the corresponding information displayed on the interactive map of Fiji islands.

Your contribution will be very valuable to develop an optimal monitoring and management strategy for COTS in Fiji.

Good to know

Don't manipulate acanthasters during the reproductive season (hot season, from November until Frebruary)

When stressed, they can massively deliver up to .. 60 millions of eggs per animal !

Never cut an acanthaster to kill it !

Acanthasters have impressive regeneration capacities, one of them being surviving while cut in many parts: it will only grow its population...…

Don't touch acanthasters !

They thorns are covered with a strong and painful poison. The toxin they deliver can trouble bool pressure, tissues and nervous system giving the shivers, sickness or vomishing. In some case, it can give severes reactions that can prove dangerous (convulsions, paralysis, syncop, anaphylactic choc, etc.).

Thanks for your help !